SC500 Visa

Coming to Australia to study can be an exciting opportunity to obtain a globally recognised and sought after qualification. Being the holder of a diploma/degree that is part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) can provide graduates with a competitive advantage in their future career opportunities. Another benefit is being able to experience the Australian lifestyle as a full time student and to even engage in some part time employment.

Often, an education provider will offer to apply for a student visa as part of their service. Whilst this is convenient, far too often we see student visa applicants receiving negative outcomes due to incorrect or misguided advice received from somebody who is not a Registered Migration Agent. The risks associated with a student visa vary significantly from application to application and will depend upon a range of factors such as your country of origin, your age, your proposed course, your employment and study history, any gaps in your study history etc.

We can provide comprehensive advice and/or offer a complete and professional student visa service, paying particular attention to the following:

English Language & Financial Requirements

As per the current student visa risk framework, your risk level (which is assessed according to your country of passport and your education provider) will determine whether mandatory minimum English language and financial capacity requirements must be evidenced. For this reason we always recommend enrolling in a course with a reputable education provider.

GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) Criteria

We will assist you in drafting a Statement of Purpose (SoP) and we will also encourage you to provide evidence to support your statement and relevant issues such as:

  1. the circumstances in your home country
  2. ties to your home country
  3. your potential circumstances in Australia
  4. your employment and study history
  5. your immigration history
  6. the benefit this course will have to your future, etc.

Future Permanent Residency Options

Although it is a requirement for the grant of a student visa that you only intend to reside in Australia on a temporary basis, you may change your mind once you arrive in Australia and choose to extend your stay. In this case, it is helpful if you have considered some important factors such as:

  1. The advantages of studying at a tertiary level (eg Bachelor, Masters) as opposed to a vocational (eg Certificate III, IV or Diploma) level.
  2. Will you be completing 2 years of full time study?
  3. Will your qualifications be relevant, and at a high enough level, to meet the requirements for a skills assessment for an occupation on one of the relevant occupation lists?
  4. Is there a benefit to studying in one or more particular States or Territories in Australia?

We can help with each step of the student visa process. So, speak to our registered migration agent to check your eligibility to apply for Student Visa

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