Health Waivers


We are experienced in preparing & submitting health waiver to department for applicants or their family members if they don’t meet health requirement for the grant of their visa. In some circumstances, a waiver of the health requirements can be granted. To meet the health requirement, an applicant’s medical examination results must be assessed and they must be granted a health clearance. If the health clearance is a “Does Not Meet”, the applicant has not met the health requirement and a visa cannot be granted unless a health waiver is available and exercised.

NOICC & Visa Cancellations

There are a range of powers available with the Department of Home Affairs when it comes to consideration of visa cancellation. However, before your visa is cancelled Department will send you this Notice including other relevant documents and would ask you to comment on the information.

This is your opportunity to write to DHA explaining why you think your visa should not be cancelled and any relevant evidence to support your claims would need to be provided to Department. We can assist you in drafting an excellent response to ensure that all your circumstances are taken into consideration and any false observations are appropriately explained. If your visa is still cancelled, we can advise you on your review rights if any. 

Condition 8503 Waiver

A ‘No Further Stay’ condition prevents the visa holder from applying for many temporary and permanent visas onshore. However, there are circumstances under which this condition can be waived. We are experienced in preparing submissions to the decision maker on your behalf to get this condition waived.

Character Submissions

The character test plays a significant role in safeguarding the Australian community, non-citizens who fail the character test may be stripped of their visa or have their visa application refused. An applicant having a past criminal record, a history of non-compliance with visa conditions, prior visa refusals, or deportation from another country would need to address them in the visa application. We can assess the impact of these character issues on your application and can also assist with a character submission in support of your application.

Public Interest Criteria 4020

PIC 4020 enables refusal of a visa application if an applicant has provided ‘bogus’ documents, false or misleading information or if the minister is not satisfied of an applicant’s identity. Note that if your visa is refused under PIC 4020, a re-entry ban or exclusion period will often apply, means a person may not be granted any further visas or be permitted to return to Australia.

We can assist you in drafting a detailed response if Department is considering refusing your visa on the basis that you failed PIC 4020 and can also guide you evidences needed to demonstrate that your application is a true and genuine. If you get a visa refusal based PIC 4020, you may still have review rights and we can advise you accordingly.

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