Parent Visas

The parent visa is for parents of migrants to join their children living in Australia. If more than half of your children permanently reside in Australia then you might be eligible for a parent visa.

In general, you should be aware of the following elements which are applicable to each parent visa:

  1. Balance of family test – This requires you to be able to show that at least half of the applicants children live permanently in Australia

  2. Sponsorship – The applicant must be sponsored by one of their children who has been settled in Australia for at least 2 years and is 18 years or over

  3. Assurance of support – This is a guarantee that the applicant(s) won’t rely on Government support for the first two years of their visa. This can be provided by the sponsor or another person/entity.

There are different types of parent visas.

Child Visas

A child visa is a sponsored visa that allows dependent children of an Australian permanent resident or citizen to be sponsored by a parent or step-parent.

The child must be aged less than 25. If they are aged 18 years or over, they must also be:

  1. a full-time student and be financially dependent on their sponsoring parent or
  2. unable to work due to a disability.

The child must be single i.e. must not married or in a de facto relationship or engaged to be married.

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