Tourist & Visitor Visa

There are three main types of visas that allow people to travel to Australia for tourism purposes, to visit family members or even for business visitor activities. The most appropriate option will depend on your purpose, how long you wish to stay and your country of passport.

Even though visitor visas are often considered to be fairly straight forward applications, complications can arise. We always recommend seeking appropriate advice to ensure you are applying for the correct visa and that you have addressed any risk factors.


Visitor – SC600 Visa

The Subclass 600 is a popular option for people who are wishing to travel to Australia to visit family or friends or for tourism.

There are three ‘streams’

  1. Tourist stream – to visit family or friends or for tourism
  2. Family sponsored stream – where a family member wants to sponsor you
  3. Business visitor stream – granted for people who wish to travel to Australia for the following purposes:

* make general business or employment enquiries
* negotiate contracts

The visa allows visitor for stays between 3 and 12 months.

You must be able to demonstrate that you are a genuine visitor, ie that you only intend to stay temporarily in Australia and obey your visa conditions and that you have the financial ability to support yourself during your visit.

Subclass 600 applications will be subject to varying degrees of risk depending on:

* your country of passport
* your age
* your financial circumstances
* your ties to your home country

We specialize in complex and high risk visitor visa applications. We can let you know exactly what sort of evidence should be provided to ensure your application is as strong as possible with the best chance at obtaining a positive outcome.

Electronic Travel Authority – SC601 Visa

The ETA is a fast, cheap and straightforward visitor visa option for people applying from outside of Australia.

It allows visits for people wishing to travel to Australia to visitor family or friends, for tourism, or for business visitor activities.

It is however, only available for people with passports from the following:

  1. Andorra
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Brunei
  5. Canada
  6. Denmark
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Greece
  11. Hong Kong (SAR of China)
  12. Iceland
  13. Ireland
  14. Italy
  15. Japan
  16. Liechtenstein
  17. Luxembourg
  18. Malaysia
  19. Malta
  20. Monaco
  21. Norway
  22. Portugal
  23. Republic of San Marino
  24. Singapore
  25. South Korea
  26. Spain
  27. Sweden
  28. Switzerland
  29. Taiwan (excluding official or diplomatic passports)
  30. The Netherlands
  31. United Kingdom—British Citizen
  32. United Kingdom—British National (Overseas)
  33. United States of America
  34. Vatican City

eVisitor – SC651 Visa

The eVisitor visa is very similar to the ETA. It must be lodged from outside of Australia.

This allows visa holders to visit Australia as often as they like within a 12-month period with a maximum 3-month stay each time they enter Australia.

It is a suitable option for people wishing to visit family or friends, for tourism, or for business visitor activities.

There is no application fee.

It is however, only available for people with passports from the following:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Hungary
  14. Iceland
  15. Ireland
  16. Italy
  17. Latvia
  18. Liechtenstein
  19. Lithuania
  20. Luxembourg
  21. Malta
  22. Monaco
  23. The Netherlands
  24. Norway
  25. Poland
  26. Portugal
  27. Romania
  28. Republic of San Marino
  29. Slovak Republic
  30. Slovenia
  31. Spain
  32. Sweden
  33. Switzerland
  34. United Kingdom – British Citizen
  35. Vatican City